At any time a trial is possible. You can up to three times for free to participate in our training. While these units you are insured by our taster card via the Sports Federation Palatinate. At first easy Sportswear enough.


You start with karate and have a lot of questions?

What should I bring to the training?

Simple sportswear (tracksuit or shorts).
Karate is trained barefoot. Lightweight shoes only with permission of jew coach.
A Karate suit can be purchased inexpensively over the club.
A bottle of water should be there.
2 What is the name of the karate suit?

The Karate suit is called GI.
Men wear a T-shirt under the GI.
Girls / women wear a white T-shirt under the GI.
The Karate Belt is called OBI.
3 When do I get black belt?

If you are diligent exercise regularly, 2 times a week, you can reach the black belt usually in 5-7 years. But then begins karate only properly!
4 How do I talk to the coach?

Some schools require that the trainer with Sensei (jap.Lehrer) is addressed.
In our school, or our partner associations, the coaches are addressed by their first name.
5 Why I bow myself before entry and exit of the Dojo (training hall)

This shows respect for the school (club) and the jew coach.
every hall, no matter what, this will to the dojo (training hall).
I hereby pledge also optimum performance and concentration and leave everyday life behind me.
6 Why is there a Karate ID (Budopass) and yearly brands?

If you want to do exams or courses and championships want to visit you need a pass.
In an audit, it is important that a valid ID with years of brand (image) and the examination fee is present.
With an ID card you are member of the German Karate Association