Budokan Kids Club 6-12 years

Budokan Kids Club 6-12 years
In this age range their child will be promoted according to his age (mentally and physically), especially with regard to the major requirements, which must already cope with the children in school and everyday life and overcome.

The Budokan Kids Club is a welcome compensation for the children, so that they can unwind and let off steam. You can move around, let off steam and do your body some good.

The Budokan Kids Club wants to be a companion, so that their child is able to pursue with good concentration, a good educational career.
With regular training their child will not only improve his coordination, but also its concentration, which could confirm the teacher of the children of us often.

In Budokan Kids Club, values are also capitalized.

Discipline, attention, control, courage and mutual respect are of course for the kids.

So it is rather shy easy for children to go in the group out of himself and lively children learn to control yourself and integrate.

A distinction is with us in the Kids Club area between two systems:

1 Traditional lessons
2 Modern (Sound Karate)

Thus ensuring the children's karate widths and health sports, and systematic introduction to the club squad, the state and style squads and the national squad (kata / kumite).