Our club presents itself
The karate club Budokan Kaiserslautern eV was founded in 1994 from an idea by Marcus Gutzmer and Stefan Schmeisser.

The association currently has about 300 members and operates and offers:

Grassroots sport as a health
youth development
Wettkampf-/Leistungssport in all age groups
Family Sport
Courses with senior karate masters and masters And. martial arts
Leisure activities (excursions, walks, family days, demonstrations, festivals)
Weeks of training in Kaiserslautern
Training trips to Mallorca (summer camp)
Opportunity for training trips to Japan
The following martial arts, the association currently on:

Karate (Shitoryu / DKV)
Taekwondo (ETF / TUSW)
Kobudo and Phillip. stick fighting
Self-defense all departments
All coaches are licensed by the instructor as well as a graduate coach, the jew Association.

Each time are interested for a trial welcome.

From the club emerged with time, the Department of karate TUS Hirschhorn, and the Budokan Rockhausen and Lambrecht.

Since 1997 there is also a partnership with the ASV Landau Abt.Karate.

Together they form the IGS Budokan Palatinate.