• 6th Dan  Karate
  • Karate since 1978
  • Country coach Kata Rhineland-Palatinate since 2007 
  • Country coach Kata Saxony-Anhalt 2001-2008 
  • Coach Shitoryukader DKV Since 2013 
  • Speaker open style RKV / since 2002 
  • Speaker Shitoryu Saxony-Anhalt since 2007 
  • Certified Coaches DOSB 
  • A-Examiner DKV 
  • Member DDA e.V.

Kontakt zu Marcus Gutzmer


  • 4th Dan Shitoryu
  • A-Trainer DOSB
  • A-Examiner Shitoryu
  • Sound Karate Trainer/Club
  • RKV - Women's Referent
  • RKV - Shitoryu Referent
  • Shito-ryu Competitionorganizer
  • Accredited WKF Coach

Kontakt zu Sandra Gutzmer


  • 3rd Dan (WTF und ETF)
  • C-Trainer amateur sports

Kontakt zu Holger Wellstein


  • 4th Dan (WTF, ETF)
  • C-Trainer Amateur sports

Kontakt zu Christian Wellstein


  • 2nd Dan
  • Kumite Conveyorgroup-Trainer

Kontakt zu André Schatzinger


  • 2nd Dan
  • Kumite Trainer

Kontakt zu Ralf Müller

Herbert Janetzki

  Sports Referent

  • 1st Dan Shito-ryu

Helmut Müller

  Trainer Basics Adults

  • 2nd Dan SOK

 Karsten Droste

  Trainer Familytrainer

  • 1st Dan Shito-ryu
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